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Be a certified provider in Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

Brief Overview on PHA Council on CPR Training

CPR5Since the establishment of the Council of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation of the PHA in 1982, its main flagship purpose is the continuous education and training of healthcare professionals in the field of Resuscitation Science specifically Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. The formal training program methodologies gradually evolved to more comprehensive but practical hands-on skills training. The basic traditional facilitator driven training program has been strengthened by year 2000 through its Training the Trainers program and currently up to the present time has been the primary Training program for BLS and ACLS by all cardiology Training institutions, Department of Health agencies and hospitals, member institutions of the Expanded Council on CPR and majority of all allied health care professionals in the Philippines.

With the increasing demand on innovative approaches on training, especially with the current pandemic crisis hampering large group training, the council is bringing everyone its first ever BLS-ACLS Online Training Program. This Online Training program will be composed of basic modules on Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support that will meet the basic competency requirements on knowledge ands skills needed by all Allied Health Professionals and Doctors. All modules will be accessed through online registration in our PHA website and will be presented in self- paced didactic instructional videos that the participants should all complete before undergoing subsequent scheduled face to face workshops and megacode simulation examinations by our excellent trainers. All participants completing the didactic and scheduled face to face examinations will be given formal certifications as proficient BLS and ACLS providers by the Philippine Heart Association valid for 2 years.

Be Trained. Be certified by PHA.

Save A Life. Learn CPR.

Entry Requirements to Course

Basic Life Support Module

  • Online Didactic Video Lectures
    • Any Healthcare or Allied Health Professional needing Formal Basic Life Support Training.
    • Endorsed and Registered by any of the recognized groups by the Department of Health for Basic Life Support Training in the Philippines, namely, Department of Health, Philippine Heart Association, Philippine Red Cross, American Heart Association (Regional).
    • Acquired Valid online Access through the PHA website
  • Training Workshop (Scheduled Face-to-Face)
    • Must complete Online BLS Didactic Video Lectures within 3 days
  • BLS Practical Examination (Scheduled Face-to-Face)
    • Must Complete Scheduled Training Workshop and Written Examination

Advanced Life Support Module

  • Online Didactic Video Lectures
    • Any Healthcare or Allied Health Professional needing Formal Advanced Life Support Training
    • Must first complete the Online Basic Life Support Module
    • Acquired Valid Online Access through the PHA Website
  • Training Workshop (Scheduled Face to Face)
    • Must Complete Online BLS and ALS Didactic Video Lectures within 7 days
  • Megacode Simulation (Scheduled Face to Face)
    • Must complete Scheduled BLS and ALS Training Workshops and Final Written examination

Introduction to the Basic and Advanced Life Support Training Course

This Online Training Course was developed to fully facilitate both knowledge and proficiency skills in the field of resuscitation specifically Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support.

This is designed for training of all healthcare workers ( Doctors, Nurses) and Allied Healthcare professionals needing training in their respective fields.

The whole training course must be completed by trainees to be proficient and be certified as “BLS and ALS providers”.

Generally, the BLS and ALS course is divided into 2 training formats:

  1. Online Access of Didactic Video Lectures
  2. Scheduled Face-to-Face Training Workshops and Evaluation.

Participants undergoing training will be pre-registered online via the PHA website and will eventually be given individual unique online access through their Emails as well as their schedule of Face-to-Face Training Workshops and examinations.

The Online Didactic Video Lectures for both BLS and ALS modules are self-paced and can all be viewed freely by participants once granted access. Participants taking only the BLS module must complete the 5 video lectures within 3 days while those taking the whole course up to ALS module must complete the 12 video lectures within 7 days.

The Face-to-Face Training workshops and examinations are all prescheduled once granted online access to complete video lectures and should be attended to by the participants to be finally be evaluated by accredited PHA trainers. The BLS Module Training Workshops include Adult and Pediatric BLS with AED use and Foreign Body Airway Obstruction management followed by Trainer Evaluation via Practical and written examinations. The ALS module Training Workshops include Electrical Therapies and Airway management followed by Trainer evaluation via Megacode Simulation and Written examinations.

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